I’m a computer scientist working in the intersection of industry and academia on the various projects related to data analysis, natural language processing and digital humanities.

In academia

I’ve graduated from PUT Poznań with BSc in Computer Science. Currently I’m a student of MSc in Digital Humanities on EPFL. During my studies I’ve participated in various research grants and projects such as Optilion, GEANT, CERN Openlab and CROSS accomoji. Currently, I’m highly scoped on NLP driven by ML, especially language modeling and generation. My bachelor thesis - Cooking recipes generator utilizing a deep learning-based language model was awarded the Most Innovative prize by the polish section of IEEE.

In industry

I’ve worked in industry previously on the positions of Backend Developer, Fullstack, DevOps Engineer and Cloud Engineer. Since September 2021, I work in Allegro.pl ML Research lab as full-time ML Researcher to synchronize my academic research with the daily work duties.

In free time

Since 2014 I serve as a scout leader in the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association where I’ve organized summer camps for youth, served as a leader of many projects and run multiple successful actions and assemblies.